China’s first wide body pickup Kawei K1 pickup truck ginseng exposure

Jiangsu Kawei Auto Group officially launched the first widebody pickup, or in the domestic development of new pickup market segments. With years of experience in supporting Jiangsu Kawei pickup and resources, first models have a certain cost advantage, price is in 100000 yuan.


  Ford F150 Raptor pickup

Shuttering Magnet 900KGSK1′s biggest feature is the first cross-country truck chassis pickups, 1.5 times has the breakthrough capacity. In addition, China’s first wide body Kawei K1 or full size pickup, 1805mm container length reaches the Chinese pickup, pickup bed more than traditional 600L volume, can carry more goods; in addition, the Kawei K1 wheelbase reached 3500mm, not only let the appearance is very fierce, also let the passenger cabin has room for improvement.

SP Erection AnchorPower, K1 gasoline, diesel Covey has two power options. The gasoline version of the Mitsubishi 4G69S4N engine, output 2.4L, the maximum power 105kW, peak torque of 200Nm, the state IV emission standards; diesel version of the major CA4D32 of high pressure common rail diesel engine, maximum power output of 3.2L, only 79kW, but the peak torque reached 249Nm, is still the state IV emission standard. Transmission system, two cars were the 5 speed manual transmission, automatic transmission with No.

Trapezoid steel chamfer

The disposition aspect, K1 uses Mitsubishi chassis technology, the standard ABS+EBD, improve safety pickup; K1 uses automatic air conditioning pickup rare, double big space can also be matching leather seats, in addition also optional DVD audio system and GPS global positioning system, configuration level close to or even more than the same price car.

  Summary:Kawei had been committed to the production of special purpose vehicle, this part should be civilian vehicles are large segments of the market cake to watch the three or four line and five or six line city. As for the success in the relevant market, the overall quality depends on the car. Wang Chenxi.

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